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A lightweight, environmentally friendly, sensibly priced range HDPE kegs using a new, patent protected design. Available in custom colours with unique branding opportunities.

The robust construction of the keg is such that subject to proper usage, they should exceed their current life expectancy of ten years. The inner bottle is manufactured in one piece with no post moulding welds. In the rare event that the plastic keg will need to be repaired, the design of the keg will make it easy for brewers to carry out quick and cost effective repairs on site, saving on down time and keeping your keg fleet on the road.

Benefits of GreenKeg

1Taste Tested
Independent testing has proved that there is no taste detectable difference in taste in beers stored in steel and our plastic kegs.

Up to 50% lighter than steel will mean you will save transport costs whilst increasing payload.

3Made in the UK
Manufactured in the UK to ISO 9002 quality standards.

4Develop Your Business
Lowering up front costs will mean you can explore routes to market which are too costly when using steel.

5Cleaning in Progress
Testing has proved that our kegs will with stand all standard metal keg regimes.

6Whisper Quiet
Quieter deliveries and working conditions.

GreenKeg Photos

GreenKeg GreenKeg GreenKeg GreenKeg GreenKeg GreenKeg GreenKeg GreenKeg

GreenKeg Video

Video shows the construction of GreenKeg.

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